Ghost Stories and Campfire Tales

The following stories are all common legends, some passed down orally, others written and rewritten.
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Legends and folk tales often have their roots in truth. Many of these stories claim to be true, and they may very well be. But we are not here to debate if they actually happened... No, all we care about is if they are truly scary, or at least profoundly weird. Enjoy!

If you have had a weird or scary experience yourself, please see the Scary Life section. If you have some scary stories to add to our collection, e-mail them to .

The Boy with the Brass Buttons Holes in Space
Something Black and Cold Phone Calls from Beyond
The Evil in Room 310 The Soggy Girl
The Mothman The Oregon Vortex
A Very Scary Doll - NEW The Power at Nagoon Park

More stories will be added regularly (or when I have time...).



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