Haunted Houses

Allaire Village
Farmingdale, NJ

The following is an excerpt from a report filed by Al Rauber of HauntedNewJersey.com
To see the entire report with photo and details, go to http://www.hauntednewjersey.com/research/allaire.htm

Legend exists of a woman in white seen walking across the open quad from the General Store to the Big House. Descriptions of the woman tie into local legend of similar woman seen along the GS Parkway and on the beach at Point Pleasant and Belmar and along Manasquan inlet area. As legend has it, she is the ghost of a past lover of Hal Allaire, son of James P. She left him for a sailor who left her to go to sea, never to return to her.

Managers House - Many people claim the feeling of a presence especially in upstairs bedroom on left of staircase. Feeling sometimes so intense people talk to the energy without realizing it. Seems to be a female presence who is waiting for something hidden in the house to be found. However, partial apparition of a man wearing boots seen from the waist down by woman visiting the site. Another man complained of a "strange" feeling in the downstairs bedroom, but would not elaborate. Psychic goes thru building and picks up remnants of past energies but no remaining consciousness associated with a ghostly presence. Photos and EMF reading fail to produce anything significant.

Visitors Center - Psychic first picks up remnants of energy of a woman described as "a little crazy, a lot of fun, given to doing odd things, joking, kidding. A very happy person".
Psychic proceeds down basement hall and suddenly stops short. "There's a man by himself still here". Strong energy of a man described as "very nasty, scruffy and unkempt, very angry at everyone all the time. Always trying to prove himself. An all-time troublemaker. A real S.O.B." Time period picked up is mid to late 1800's. This man had a "very important job - He had to be here although everyone here HATED him. He was nasty to people, and he was related to someone else here." Energy was described as wearing boots with pants outside of them and not tucked in. Jacket and shirt guessed to be late 1800's style. He was very smart. Not just a skilled person with his hands, he was also very intelligent. Because of his brains, that was his control over the people. Didn't care that all hated him. "So what, if I leave then what?" Psychic wants to leave area as energy is so intense and so negative.

A Park Guide relates story which took place on Labor Day of 1988. At 9:20 am she and another woman opened up the Visitors Center and proceeded on their morning security walk. As they entered the first section of the basement and turned on the light to that section, the light in the second section went on and heavy footsteps were heard walking down the hallway only a few feet away from them. As the young woman proceeded into the area the footsteps stopped suddenly. No one was there. The motion alarm in this section of the building had never gone off. The area pointed out is the exact area that negative energy was picked up in by the Psychic.

Electrical devices tend to malfunction in this area of the building. Projectors, cameras, and security systems malfunction. Five photos were taken by Al Rauber in this section with Fujica 35mm camera with flash 100ASA film. None came out.

(See the http://www.hauntednewjersey.com/research/allaire.htm website for more details of this Al Rauber's investigation.)

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