Haunted Houses

Bernardsville Library
Rt. 202, Bernardsville, NJ

The following is an excerpt from a report filed by Al Rauber and Garrett Husveth of HauntedNewJersey.com
To see the entire report with photo and details, go to http://www.hauntednewjersey.com/research/bvillelibrary.htm

Occurrences such as muffled conversation throughout the first floor have been reported. Footsteps on the staircase and rustling of a skirt have been heard. Objects move around on their own in the kitchen area and numerous sightings by patrons, librarians, and police officers of a female figure in revolutionary style clothing have been logged. Oftentimes, the apparition is sighted from the outside of the building by someone looking in after hours.

Ghost Hunters from all over the country have visited the Library. Even the Amazing Kreskin stopped by to say hello to Phyllis and had tables moving all over the room on their own.

Photographic anomalies have been captured in an upstairs office (once a bedroom). Also, Norm Gauthier from the New Hampshire Society for Psychical Research has captured various Electronic Voice Phenomena samples during an overnight stay.

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