Original Dark Poetry

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by Nenad Stakic
Copyright 2009 All rights reserved

oh god can you see little boy
in pain by his evil mother
she comes to poor room
kick him, destroyed his comic book
sky was dark
turning into the storm
little boy was crying
there was nobody to help him
his father was without legs
so unlucky, mother was prostitute
drunk people coming into house
having sex with his mom
the bitch took Henry
little piece of
scared young soul
he was watch sex
in that dirty room
with eyes full of pain
dressed like little girl
at night he pissed in his bed
no mercy from devilish mother
she was beating him so painful
he was like little knockodowned box fighter
sky was dark
sky was mad
sky was painful,
then Henry's brother start fight
little boys are fighting
Henry feel punch in eye
eye was bleeding

---mommy took me to the doctor-said boy
shut up-you little creep-
said drunk whore,
eye was dead, lost
little kid was crying on one eye
somewhere in dark
mom damned mom
fuckin bitch from hell
now revenge will be bloody
revenge will be cruel

he belongs to roads
his old jacket
he just had road
and lots of bad memories
dust is his friend and this road to nowhere too
back into town
back into memories
back into broken childhood that is not childhood
that is own personal hell
creature who is his mother
was drunk and dirty again
that mother is his broken life
broken hope
broken soul
he was wonted something clean
home without noise
nothing he get
except punishment
the bitch is dead
dead and gone forever
Henry was shouting
somewhere in car
in some wild part of forest that is for childhood
dead eye
bad dream without hope
revenge for sick life
now he is in jail
psychos everywhere
from bottom of life
murderers rapists
lost souls
here he find peace
but something inside wanted
to taste blood of happy people

road, road, road car and knife
scream of hitchhiker girl
runaway from home now slaughtered
near road dead fairy is here
dancing with dark night

Henry was in car driving, driving, driving,

he found something
friend without hope
with mustache skid from basement
Otis man, like Henry
soul was
tortured souls
now are together to kill, rape, abuse and terminate
2 damned souls
sky was screaming

go into my car, granny
sit there near me now
i will slaughter your rich
and wonderful life you

blood was everywhere

fuckin cops
they need little thing
to find you

Henry is again between walls
he was sitting much fatter and older between these walls

when Henry feels dead
he see something beautiful
his mother kissing him
with cake on table
his fathers walking
his brother looked him with love

Henry feel that home is not cold and evil
but it was just dream of dying man
500 victims or less
society can you answer, why people abuse children
do you know that Henry is made not born
because people don't care about abusing of children
there is millions little Henrys who crying
save them
give them hope
or revenge will be in fire
in blood
in your fear damned soul
lives forever in black wood
there is no hope there
i feel that
i was there
dancing with evil

where black birds fly
and cold winter blows in cold
in black nighttime nowhere land

at edge of pure madnesss




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