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The Price of Judas

by Chad Davis
Copyright 2008 All rights reserved

I cant take this pain anymore….
The hunger that’s never satiated, the thirst that’s never quenched…
The feelings of apathy….
To pretend to be human is a curse on my forgotten soul..
We all watch closely…closely from the shadows…
Their eyes are all around me now..
They all know what I am what I’ve lost what I’ve gained, but the price was too heavy …
I want to feel, I want to exist, I want to love again…
Abandon all hope ye who enter my land for it is a turbulent vortex of self pity and remorse spiraling out of control …there’s nothing but zero left now…all I can do now is prey on the weak to try and fill this void that is my heart……….


For what is it to be of man
If he gains the world but
Loses his own soul.
Mathew’s 16:26


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