Original Dark Poetry

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Now Who's Ya Bitch?

by Natalia
Copyright 2009 All rights reserved

I put the bullet in the gun I aim at you but you don’t run you don’t shudder you don’t flinch you no I'm bluffing that I'm just your bitch I put the blade in my hand I self destruct on command I put it near your bare chest you just laugh and take a breath you don’t shudder you don’t flinch you no I'm bluffing cause I'm your bitch I tie the rope I do it well your head turns in you can smell the scent of fear drawing near I've gone to far and you can hear the sound of the crack that ricochets thru your back your head snaps back but you just relax you no I'm bluffing and this is true I cut you loose as I always do but fate shades and hate grows I'm outta control your on a role so I lit the flame and tied you down doused you with petrol your a light now you scream I don’t hear this satanic plan took me years you look at me and begin to laugh thinking ill save you from the dark from the hurt of these brutal flames Ill let you sit and collect your remains fuk you shudder boy you flinched I called your bluff now whose your bitch?



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