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Jeepers Creepers

First, Nurse Spasm insists we offer the following Public Health Warning:

Nurse Spasm, Mental Heath Commissar, has determined that this movie is hazardous to your mental health for the following reasons:
This movie is EVIL! It's EVIL, EVIL, EVIL I tell you! EVIL! AHHHhhh!!! AAAHHHhhhhHHHH!!!! And so forth and so on.
Thank you for your attention.

Now that you have been warned, rush out and see it!

Perhaps I am impressed in part because I was not expecting much from this film. I was happily surprised. It keeps you guessing... The film hearkens back to some older classic film styles and story telling, but then it quickly blasts away the stereotypes. It is just enough self-aware to be savvy and slick for the current crop of viewers, yet it draws heavily on several well-used monster/psycho movie genres.

The audience is surprised at each revelation about the "bad guy", and just when you think it couldn't get any worse, it scares the piss out of you!

Keep in mind that Nurse Spasm and Scuttles are veterans of horror movies, so it takes a lot to get one of us actually screaming in the theater. But that is just what happened, and the rest of the audience was just as affected. Nurse Spasm was theorizing that perhaps they were using subsonics to generate such levels of dread, but it could also just be masterful movie-making.

Unlike most other tried and true horror films, the cops DO take them seriously, at least to some degree. And the psychic is more realistically trapped and haunted by her powers than most movie psychics are made out to be. But the visuals and the lighting are masterful. The sound effects are just right. And one of my favorite parts of this film is "the truck". (I gotta get me that horn!)

I suspect that this movie will be under-attended and under-appreciated, especially in light of the terrorist attack (a real horror story). But if you are looking for distractions and entertainment, Jeepers Creepers is a sleeper worthy of your attention. Just don't expect to finish your popcorn...



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