Scary Places

Scuttles and Nurse Spasm just LOVE to explore Scary Places!

Graveyards, Haunted Inns, Scary Museums, and Spooky Restaurants and Halloween Events are all fair game. Come along and experience what we have experienced... and maybe, just maybe... you might want to go and visit too...

Rose Hall


Real Haunted Plantation House in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Scuttles visited it in August of 2001. Be sure to check out the "dark spirit" photo that resulted from that visit. Some believe it to be the spirit of Annie Palmer, the White Witch of Jamaica.

Farnsworth House


Real Haunted Inn in Gettysburg, PA. Often called "The Most Haunted Inn in America", this excellent Bed & Breakfast has haunted rooms available, as well as Ghost Tours and Haunted Dinner Theater, where sometimes extra-special events occur. Follow the link for a description of our visit.

The Mutter Museum


A visit to the Mutter Museum is a privileged view into a world rarely seen by those outside the medical profession. It is truly an incredible collection of medical displays, recording the ravages of various diseases and malformed humanity. There is a thorough study of diseases, particularly plagues and epidemics, as well as disturbing harbingers of potential diseases of the future. In other words... it has lots of freaks in jars and body parts on display.
PA Lizzie Lincoln's Haunted House looked like the real thing from the write-up we saw, but it turned out to be a Halloween Event type of haunted house afterall. Scuttles and Nurse Spasm investigated in Oct. 2000, and you may enjoy reading the review.

Eastern State Penitentiary


Real Haunted Prison... but they use it for a Halloween Event. What a perfect setting! Crumbling walls, the smell of dampness and very old despair. And the simple sight of those cramped prison cells is enough to give anybody the chills... Read the review of our 1999 visit at Halloween. But remember, the place is available for tours year round... and they do have ghostly tales to tell you about...



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