Truth is SCARIER than Fiction

WARNING: The following selections could ruin your peace of mind:

Whoever first said "Truth is Stranger than Fiction" had it right... and we all know that strangeness can be scary. The odd thing is... we live with strangeness all around us, and rarely do we recognize it for what it is. Check out the examples below, if you don't mind shaking up long cherished memories and assumptions...

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Childhood Memories

Rock-A-Bye Baby

Ring Around the Rosy

Did you know...

You are a World

We've been lucky

In the News

A Man-made Haunted House?

Anti-Nude Crusader

Nessie & The Witches

Book Burning

Bert & Osama bin Laden

Child Killer

Unkind Cut

McRatHead Burger

Bernard Burger

Stitched Lips

Record Stupidity

Magical Police

Jedi Religion

Rent - A - Coffin

Kiss Koffin

Witch Lynch

Trek Fan Extreme

Monks to Lift Insomnia Curse

Smelly Money

Amputation as Punishment

World's Biggest Rat Hunt

Suicidal Poet Predictor

Man Trapped in Toilet

Big Brother is Alive & Well in Florida

Lost & Found Arm

McMaggot Burger

Baked Fireworks

Python Swallows Baby

Raw Crickets, Yum!

The Dead Passenger

Killer Bees

"Kept in Stitches" Update

Another Two Headed Calf

Tick Attack

Dog Food Deluxe

Two Headed Calf

Voodoo Murder

Stop that Funeral!

Witch's Rights

Ghostbuster's Delight

Witch Overkill

UFO Drought

Hot Christmas

Nessie & the Witches

Dead Santa?

What a Way to Go

Funeral No Show

Hungry Dogs

Rats on the Menu

Suspended Witch

Undeveloped Twin

Vampire Assaults

Trappist Caskets

Stolen Corpse Found

Kept in Stitches

Politics and Law

Big Brother is Alive & Well in Florida

Too Much Freedom

What's in a Name?


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