Original Dark Poetry

The following poems are all original works. They may not be reproduced or published elsewhere without the author's permission.
No new submissions are being accepted until the new email system is in place.

Emotions can be very scary... and emotions are the driving force behind poetry. You won't find bluebirds and bunny rabbits in the following original works, unless they happen to be part of the dark landscape of the heart... But remember... Emotion masquerades as Reality.

NOTE: Some of the language and situations in these poems my be inappropriate for those under 18. Please do not proceed if you will be offended by foul language, gory descriptions, or disturbing situations.

If you have some Dark Poetry to share, e-mail them to ScaryPlace @ Me.com (remove spaces)

Bad Dream - Kaylee Coats - NEW

Lost Words - Preston Conley - NEW

Lost - Amanda Dwyer - NEW

Darkness - Rory M. Wilson - NEW

Never Again - Jake Cooper - NEW

Event Horizon - Pain - Betty Stoneman - NEW

We Walk Among You - Betty Stoneman - NEW

Craving - Bandele Morrison - NEW

Jeremiah Starr - Jessica Armjo - NEW

No Escape - Hannah - NEW

Fallen - Julia Lee - NEW

Within - Julia Lee - NEW

Henry - Nenad Stakic

Trapped - Taylor

Mum - Three Lettered Stranger - Natalia

Now Who's Ya Bitch? - Natalia

Tears & Sorrow - Jessica

Loneliness - Jessica

Death By Tree - Jessica

The Thoughts - Amanda

Upside Down - Chelsea

Tears of Suicide - Courtney

No More - -ash-

Price of Judas - Chad Davis

A Different Kind of Reality - Kaitlyn

Raven - Bandele

Schizophreniac - Versatile

Schizophreniac2 - Versatile

Classroom Chaos - MagickDragon9999

Where's My Love? - W. A. Upchurch

For More - W. A. Upchurch

Gift - W. A. Upchurch

Juliet - W. A. Upchurch

[dusty tears] - "Amanda King"

Nemesis -"Amanda King "

9 Days - 9 Hours - 9 Minutes -"Amanda King "

Silence the Butterfly - "Amanda King "

Salvation - "Amanda King"

Rage - "Amanda King"

Porcelain Jar - "Amanda King"

F. H.'s Cobwebs - "Amanda King"

Lock the Door - Melanie Kawalec

Insanity - Melanie Kawalec

A Ray of Sunshine in a Clod of Darkness - Melanie Kawalec

Death to Step Dad - Karena

Alas - X6FearDeadsy6X

Death Row - X6FearDeadsy6X

The Gate - X6FearDeadsy6X

Chasing the Dragon - "Vernon 'Blake' Rose"

Paranoid Delusions - "Vernon 'Blake' Rose"

Her Soul - "Vernon 'Blake' Rose"

Decapitated Angel - "Vernon 'Blake' Rose"

Self Oppression - John Frame

Alone - "Diana Shelton"

Faith - "O. Lochlin"

Just for You - "O. Lochlin"

This Is My Life - "MaryEllen Moynihan"

When They Were Beautiful - "Joe DiFrancesco"

When She Ends - "Lindakay Price" (Submitted by Brandon Vageue)

Before the Bottom - "Adam" -

Reflecting Dream - "Adam"

The Soul Stealer - Kay Imlay Woodbury

Vampire - Kay Imlay Woodbury

Us - Cynthia Alvarez Wilkerson

Darkness is our Friend - Cynthia Alvarez Wilkerson

Can Anybody Hear? - Cynthia Alvarez Wilkerson

4 Steps Back - Billy Jack Wilkerson

The Company Of Lost Souls - Zoe

Dragons - Zoe

He - Zoe

Night - Zoe

Little Breath - Little Ophelia

Forces Unseen - Stacey Siscoe



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