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The following are interesting or scary or just plain weird websites that we have encountered.


Bebo McClintock - A little person with big attitude - check him out.

Patient Creatures East - Check out this website for the lastest from the East Coast coven of Patient Creatures.

Faces - A very strange page on a strange website. After basking in the warmth of Faces, be sure to explore the rest of

Tumnus Art - The art of one of ScaryPlace's first Minions

Gettysburg Civil War Theater - A fun one-man show that includes an old 19th century seance and tales of Civil War ghosts

Rose Hall links - I get so many people asking me about Rose Hall that I have created a page that has all the links I am aware of. Please feel free to send me any more your find that have useful information. Thanks!

Ghosttowns - This site has some good resources about haunted places, but be prepared to be assailed by advertsing

Pagan FishGod Priests - 1993 early morning a group of would be fishermen encountered a large, unearthly fishlike thing peering at them from just offshore. It arose and its eyes did glow the group of beerzombie fishermen donned their hillbilly beerbox headgear for the first time and did dance about the firepit. (Remember folks... Beer and Monty Python are a dangerous combination!)

Send Me Your Wound - Only for those with a strong stomach and a desire to see images of bad injuries... of course, you probably slow down at accident scenes and gawk, too... don't you?

Fritemares - Scaree Stories - Here's the home site of ScaryPlace Minion and Author, J.W.James. Check out his new series "A Badge of Crimson"

Haunted Highway - Another Minion's site of scary stuff...

The History of Michael Jackson's Face - You, know, when you look at it in sequence, Michael Jackson's plastic surgery is pretty scary!

Joel-Peter Witkin - A Tribute to Genius - Here's a site showing the work of an artistic genius of the macabre

Kistner-Art - Wow... another really cool, really creepy working artist. This fellow is on a par with another of my favorites, (see below)

Disturbing Auctions- It is amazing, and indeed disturbing, what some people will try to sell... and buy!

Make your own Coffin (purse) - An essential fashion statement. Don't be caught dead without it.

Patient Creatures - Visit Carpathian and all his friends.

An Exploration of Monsters - Learn all about your favorite monsters.

CSICOP - This scientific site uncovers reports of the paranormal.

Shirley Maclaine - Face it... Shirley Maclaine is just downright scary. - Another cool Goth site. Check out the creepy background audio on the home page, too...

Soldiers of Chaos - A Flash Movie tribute to the artistic genius and dark world view of H. R. Giger by Worth the wait!.

H. R. Giger Gallery - Another H. R. Giger website... very, very cool stuff. - The official H. R. Giger website... even cooler! Check out the animated menu beast... (But it is big on bandwidth requirements so be patient...)

Dynamic Pixels - This guy sure knows how to create a scary image... check out the 3D stills he did for Midnight Syndicate.

Midnight Syndicate - Want scary music? These guys do it right. Horror movie music lets you make your own movies in your head.

Goth Club List - Here's a handy list for all my Goth friends and Minions.

VampireFreaks - Here's a pretty cool Goth website, with a chat room worth visiting,

Vomitus Maximus Museum -- Very, very strange art.

June Huston's Ghostwatcher -- Help June figure out what's in her basement, under her bed, and any place else she has left a webcam in her haunted house. Read what other observers have seen...

Haunted Philadelphia -- Ghost tours and Halloween events in Southeastern PA and Philadelphia region.

Ghostly Links -- Another source for finding ghostly tours, places and events

Ghost Hunters International -- Quite a number of ghostly resources at this link.

Autopsy -- A charming, step by step explanation of how an Autopsy works... complete with little cartoon illustrations. And links to videos of the real thing....

Furby Autopsy -- Now here is something I could enjoy watching an autopsy of.

He's such a cut up! -- What do you get when you freeze a condemned murderer and then slice him up into really, really thin cross sections in the name of science?











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